Music by Volker Staub

Wiochpeyata, electro-acoustic music with clarinet solo, 2012 (Excerpt)
4:42 min., 6.8MB
The composition came into being during the time of the Indian tour “Music for Diversity of Life and Culture”, 2012. Numerous field recordings, made during the tour, have been worked into a dense sound collage.
OEO #1, for ensemble, 2011-12 (Excerpt)
3:15 min., 4.7MB
OEO #3, for ensemble, 2011-12 (Excerpt)
1:39 min., 2.4MB
OEO #4 to a Melody from Parambikulam, for ensemble, 2012 (Excerpt)
3:16 min., 4.7MB
This composition is dedicated to the indigenous Kadar in Parambikulam. The melodies refer to the “Women’s Circle Dance” (i.e. an example of traditional music)
OEO #5, for ensemble, 2012 (Excerpt)
1:54 min., 2.8MB
for two to play on one drum, for percussion duo, 2007-08 (Excerpt)                                              
to be played simultaneously with                                                                          
Witterungsinstrumente (Atmospheric Instruments), Sound Installation, 1999-2005 (Excerpt)
3:49 min., 5.5MB
The sound installation “Witterungsinstrumente” (Atmospheric Instruments) is comprised of highly sensitive tone generators installed in the open, and made to vibrate by environmental factors such as rain, wind, noises, radio waves and so forth.
Kühkopf / Studies, Piece for Radio, 2013 (Excerpt)
version with steel string ad libitum
2:24 min., 3.5MB
In “Kühkopf” a piece composed for radio, only field recordings made in Kühkopf, part of the Altrheinarm (an ancient arm of the river Rhein, in the Kühkopf nature reserve) which is located close to Darmstadt were used. The recordings are melded into a dense sound-collage. Over the top of the collaged environmental sounds the steel string is played live.
Kurin, for steel string with accordion ad libitum, 2000 (Excerpt)
2:30 min., 2.6MB
Waldstücke (Pieces fo the forest) No. 24 Part I, for percussion solo (3 logs), 1987-94 (Excerpt)
to be played simultaneously with
Soft Songs No. 26 Part III, for steel strings solo, 1987-95 (Excerpt)
2:56 min., 4.2MB