Music as a dialogue between different cultures and styles is an ambitious goal that One Earth Orchestra pursues with great passion.

The quintet consists of violin, accordion, cello, clarinet and percussion and is based in Berlin. With their musical collaborations often spanning across cultural as well as linguistic borders, the band’s journey of musical exploration enriches the members original compositions to form a unique musical language.

In their programs, folklore and jazz, composition and the art of improvisation form an elaborate synthesis which is expressed as a musical declaration of love for the diversity of cultures.

After its foundation in 2011, concerts led One Earth Orchestra to the United Nation’s Conference of Biodiversity (COP 11) in Hyderabad, India with a program highlighting the strong link between natural and biological diversity. On concert tours in India, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, the band sought musical dialogue with indigenous communities, exploring, documenting and integrating their music into the member’s original compositions.

As an organizer of festivals for intercultural music, the band frequently engages in artistic exchange with other cultures living in germany.