One Earth Orchestra – Portraits: Volker Staub

Volker Staub, OEO #1, 4 und 5
The music was composed for the tour “Music for Diversity of Life and Culture” to South India in 2012. The melodies and the density of sounds and rhythms were inspired by impressions from landscapes and cities in India. OEO #4 refers to a song of the indgenous culture of the Kadar that we met in the jungle of Parambikulam in Adhra Pradesh.
The video combines the music with images from India and the People in Parambikulam.
13:13 Min.

One Earth Orchestra “Along the Spine” part I
This video edited by Inda Buschmann gives short impressions from the first part of our concert tour across the American continents “Along the Spine” (Feb., March 2015).
4:10 Min.

Interview with Volker Staub
at the “Summit for Life” during the 11th Conference of the Parties (COP 11) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Hyderabad, India, October 2012.
2:35 min.

Sebastian Flaig wrote this beautiful piece for the One Earth Orchestra. We played it during our tour “Along the Spine” through Chile and Peru. Inda Buschmann did the film editing and combined the music with videos from our ferry trip to Cape Horn.
5:15 Min

Music for Diversity – Interviews
India tour of the One Earth Orchestra in 2012.
Different people, voices, opinions on the relationship between biological and cultural diversity.
Rough cut of the film footage from Maike Häusling.
28:51 min.

Bunkerklang Excerpts
Concert of the One Earth Orchestra together with a reading in the bunker at the Friedberger Anlage in Frankfurt in April 2013. The bunker was was built on the foundations of the destroyed Breuer-Synagogue. Courtesy of the initiative on Nov. 9 e. V.
11:06 min.

Sammy´s Freilach
a short video of a traditional Klezmer piece arranged by Ruben Staub and combined with pictures of people we met in South America during our tour “Along the Spine” in Feb., March 2015
2:38 Min.

Volker Staub, “for two to play on one drum” (Excerpts)
“Music for Diversity” was a tour that combined very contrasting concert venues. We played, among others, at the United Nations´ Biodiversity Conference in Hyderabad (COP 11) and in the southern Indian jungle in Parambikulam with musicians of the indigenous community of the Kadar. The rehearsal there took place in a clearing in the jungle accompanied by the calls of the jungle dwellers.
2:56 min.

Circle dance of the Kadar women
accompanied by three drummers. With every repetition the melody is slightly varied, this inspired Volker Staub’s composition OEO #4 for ensemble.
The film material is taken from a larger film work by Maike Häusling. We thank her for allowing us to show this excerpt.
1:21 min.