Sinwald – New Festival for Musik

27 – 29. 4. 2012
MDR Leipzig
Artistic Director: Daniel Smutny

The term Sinwald is a term that evokes different connotations for instance: to contemplate in the forest.

Claudia Panzer, in: Leipziger Volkszeitung

In the context of the “Sinwald” Festival, concerts and performances are staged at various and special locations in Leipzig, such as the Anatomical Theatre, the Crystal Palace, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Horns Erben a former liquor distillery and bar, or at the Ringerraum venue on Leplaystraße. Only a very few concerts are planned to take place in concert halls. Each of the unusual concert venues creates, together with the music played there, an unusual tension and resonance. New sound experiences arise, often paired with intense visuals, which in turn question previous assumptions about what music is or may be, and also extend the very notion of music.

83 Seadragons with Entourage

Composed concert by the composer and instrument maker Volker Staub for the One Earth Orchestra

Sunday, April 29, 2012, 5pm, Ringerhalle Lepleystraße 11, Leipzig

Volker Staub is an inventor of music with an almost ritual character. He builds instruments as a composer, creating meter-long steel strings, instruments made of stone from drill cores (lithophone), or wind organs from PVC pipes. He writes pieces for tree trunks, glass bells or motor sirens. And he builds installations such as his Witterungsinstrumente (Atmospheric Instruments) (small, highly sensitive and amplified tone generators that are made to sound according to environmental influences) or huge, hanging metal plates for the music-theater “Rheinrot” at the South Bridge in Cologne.
In his work the relation between humans and the living environment is important to him, as well as plumbing the depths of the perceptual abilities of our senses. “My art always includes a longing and search for knowledge and truth based on one’s own feelings, thoughts and experiences – designed in sounds, rhythms and musical contexts. This requires a radical awareness of our own perceptual reality which goes beyond a scientifically-based world view and includes the subjective, emotional, archetypal and the mystical.
In Sinwald we have for the first time, as the beginning of a larger tour, the opportunity to experience his newly founded “One Earth Orchestra”. It combines many of his musical expressions, which are enhanced by the artistic personalities of his players.
“The ensemble’s name is a tribute to the only paradise and the only hell which we really know to exist – the basis of all known life, which we are about to destroy.” Daniel Smutny, 2012



Volker Staub (*1961): Atmospheric Instruments (1999-2004)
Sound installation
simultaneous performance with “one beat drumming”


Volker Staub: for two to play on one drum (2007-08)
for frame drum duo

David Kuckhermann (*1979): The Path of the Metal Turtle (2012)
for hang and handpan solo

Volker Staub: OEO #1-4 (2011-12) (UA)
for ensemble
David Kuckhermann: Khubananukh (2012)
for Hang and Handpan Solo

Trad. Klezmer: Dance of the souls
for ensemble, arr. Volker Staub

Shem-Tom Levi (*1950): Amud Ha´Esh
for Clarinet Solo, arr. Ruben Staub

trad. Klezmer: The Klezmers Freilach
for ensemble, arr. Volker Staub

Volker Staub: Kurin (2000)
for steel strings with accordion ad libitum (with improvisation)

Lea Polanski: flute, Ruben Staub: clarinet, Larissa Nagel: cello
Eva Zöllner: accordion, David Kuckherman: percussion
Volker Staub: cimbalon, steel strings, artistic direction