Kühkopf, Birdsongs
2:34 min., 5.1MB
Kühkopf is an island formed by the action of an ancient arm of the river Rhein near Darmstadt, the area has been a nature reserve for decades.
The recording was made in the evening of  21st June 2013. The enormous diversity of different birdcall is impressive. One hears fine melodic and rhythmic structures within the individual birdsong and how in the course of being repeated they are subtly varied. No two birdcalls are exactly alike.
Golconda Fort, Bats
0:45 min., 1.1MB
The high pitched sounds of the bat population was recorded on 22.12.2011 in the vaults of the Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Visitors can be heard in the background.
Hyderabad, Abids Road
3:00 min., 5.0MB
This was recorded on 23.12.2011 on the main road and high street in the Old Town of Hyderabad at around 10pm at night.
Qutub Shahi Tombs, Chanting of Prayers
0:52 min:, 1.3MB
This recording was made in the afternoon of the 22. 12. 2011 at the Qutub Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. From all four directions muslim prayer chants could be heard, creating a highly individual polyphony. Along with this sound the squawking of the parakeets who live in this area can also be heard.
Charminar, Hindu Ceremony
1:46 min., 2.6MB
This recording was made near Charminar, the Muslim community’s religious centre in Hyderabad
on the 19. 10. 2012, it records a Hindu ceremony occurring amidst busy traffic.
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Night
2:20 min., 3.9MB
These extremely high pitched animal and insect sounds were recorded on the 29. 12. 2011 around 10pm in the Parambikulam jungle, Tamil Nadu, India.
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Morning
2:28 min., 4.2MB
The sound of dewdrops tumbling from the trees mingles with the sounds and voices of the awakening jungle dwellers. The recording was made on 30. 12. 2011 at around 6.30am in Parambikulam, Tamil Nadu, India.