Volker Staub

born in 1961, studied piano with Friederike Richter, and composition with Johannes Fritsch in Darmstadt and Cologne. He has composed 114 works across a wide variety of genres. Since 1981, he has developed and built experimental musical instruments and sound installations which he uses in his own works.
Volker Staub has received thirteen national and international awards, including the Hessian Composition Award and bursaries for the Villa Massimo, Rome and Villa Aurora, Los Angeles. His concerts have taken him to many European countries, Israel, Australia, Japan, Ecuador, China, India and the USA. His works have been recorded in numerous radio shows, TV portraits and CD releases.
In 2012 he founded the One Earth Orchestra and performed with this ensemble at the MDR Sinwald Music Festival in Leipzig, Germany and toured southern India in October 2012 giving the final concert at the United Nation’s Biodiversity Conference, COP 11.
Volker Staub has taught experimental music in a wide range of contexts and countries since 1988, and initiated composition projects with schools, students, adults, professional musicians and those with no formal musical training.
He is a founding member of the Frankfurt Society for New Music and sat on its board between 2004 and 2008 . Since 2004, he has been a board member of the Institute for New Music and Musical Education in Darmstadt. He lives near Frankfurt am Main.